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"Exclusively Cats"

The Feline Medical Clinic is a full service veterinary clinic exclusively for cats. Our clinic is founded on the belief that cats are very special. Their personalities and medical concerns are different from those of other animals. We understand the strong bond that forms between cats and their owners. As a companion, friend and confidante, your cat is an important part of the family. And, like any other family member, your cat deserves the finest possible health care. Our goal is to offer the highest quality of medical and surgical care -- a standard of care that we believe all cats deserve.

News and Tidbits

4-12-14  Check out our brand new video featuring our doctors, staff and clinic cats!

3-27-14  Are you looking for health information about cats? Cornell University has a great website with a variety of topics about feline health. Check it out here: Cornell Health Topics.

3-10-14  Dr. Burhenn has been featured in an article in the Columbian! The column profiles businesses and owners in Clark County and our clinic was chosen to participate. Click here if you would like to read this great article!

2-26-14  Core vaccines are the ones that are highly recommended for all cats, even indoor only ones. These vaccines include the Panleukopenia/Feline Calicivirus/Herpesvirus (commonly referred to as the upper respiratory/distemper vaccine) and the Rabies vaccine. The upper respiratory vaccine is given every 3 years for an adult cat (after a series of kitten shots and a booster the first year after the kitten shots) and rabies is a yearly vaccine.

1-15-14  The Feline Medical Clinic has been participating in a nationwide study of hypertension in cats. If your cat has untreated hypertension, he/she may be a candidate for this study. If you are interested in having your cat participate in this study, please visit this website (Hypertension Study) to see if your cat qualifies for a screening. If you have any questions regarding the study that are not answered by the website, please give us a call.

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We operate within the standards of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). As an accredited hospital member of AAHA since 1979, we must continually earn our standing as leaders in the veterinary profession. We voluntarily meet AAHA's high standards and strict guidelines to ensure the best possible care for your cat.

We are also a "Cat Friendly Practice" as determined by the AAFP (American Association of Feline Practitioners). 


The Feline Medical Clinic is happy to announce that we are on Facebook! Please click on the icon to go to our page. Our page contains clinic updates, medical tidbits, and kittens/cats available for adoption. Please feel free to join our clinic following to receive updates and to view/post any comments or photos.       


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